Addison Aronson

Artist Statement

To me, music is a sort of vehicle. Working with vibration, texture, color, poetry, rhythm, etc… not only allows you to explore the space of one’s own soul, but also allows you to explore areas of space that venture into the unknown through constant sonic communication. This musical vehicle allows not only the musician, but also the listener, to go on a sort of sonic adventure together into whatever territory the music leads us to. Through my music, I hope to lead myself and the listener into that place where we can explore those spaces where music impacts us the most as humans.

Artist Bio

Addison is a Dubuque native who begun his professional music career in the original DAAC Music Mentorship program. Throughout his creative career, Addison has performed under many names and many bands. He currently performs as the front man to the Dubuque band “Marzipan Mailbox”. Between Marzipan Mailbox and his solo acoustic singer songwriter career, Addison has performed his music at most if not all of the live music venues found in Dubuque. These include the Diamond Joe Casino’s Mississippi Moon Bar, The Smokestack, The Fox Den Motel, Monks Kaffee Pub, and the Lift.

Today, he prepares to record his debut album with Marzipan Mailbox and begin the exciting journey in bringing the sounds of Dubuque, Iowa, to communities outside of our own. Outside of his independent pursuits with his band and his songwriting, he volunteers with the Dubuque Area Arts Collective to engage in his passion for fostering a new generation of musicians in his community through his role as Program Director for the newly re-established DAAC Music Mentorship program.

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