April 5th -21st, open Wed-Sun 5pm-11pm

Exhibit Location

Smokestack 62 E 7th St, Dubuque, IA 52001

Step out of the shadows and into the sunshine! After the introspection of Morbid Muse, Soul Sublime Exhibition bursts forth as a vibrant celebration of inspiration, beginnings, and growth. This inaugural spring exhibit welcomes you, our esteemed community, to unleash your artistic spirit and share your unique visions of renewal and joy.


Renewal: From the first sprout breaking through the soil to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, capture the magic of new beginnings.

Transformation: Show us how darkness transforms into light, despair into hope, and limitations into possibilities.

Growth: Celebrate the journey of self-discovery, the blossoming of ideas, and the expansion of our horizons.

Community: Create pieces that spark connection, inspire joy, and leave a lasting impression on all who encounter them. Let your creativity flow freely, whether it’s through abstract forms, detailed landscapes, or anything in between.

Video performance by Levy Jones
Haley Hammerand
Roger Powers
Amy May Laskye, CPP
Cheryl Hermansen
PeggyJo Brekke
Gail Chavenelle
Kara Maxwell
Lorna Olson
Maria Araeipour
Michael Pedersen
Rodrigo Marin (RIGO)
Kelsey Benton
Dave Eischeid
Lynne Majetic
Karl Williams
David Tucker
Miles Turner
Nicole Welsh
Alyssa Krueger
Timothy Tindle
Sue Benner
Reigne Adrian
Jenna Lueck
Mackenzie Jane Witman
A. Alanda Gregory
Ali Lynch
Andy Max
Chloe Peil Ehlers
Hallie Hayes
Evan Ventris
Shelby Cole
Bree Naylea
Stephonie A Schmitz
Kevin Lotero
Hannah Anderson
Martha Nowacki
Valerie Wolter
Jesser Hernandez
sue lemon
Erica Wilson
Julia Sofolo


Join us for the opening reception at the Smokestack on April 5th and connect with fellow artists and art lovers, celebrating the diverse perspectives within our community. Together, let’s paint the town with vibrant hues of joy and inspire each other with stories of growth and transformation.


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