Rachel Spurling

Artist Statement

While her functional ceramic work is the driving force of her business, Rachel also creates conceptual sculptural work and has been featured in gallery exhibitions, magazines, and online platforms. She uses surrealism to emphasize specific social, political, and environmental issues such as factory farming, workers’ rights, damaging religious ideologies, and more.

Artist Bio

Iowa based artist, Rachel Spurling, creates both functional and sculptural work from her home studio located just five minutes from the Mississippi River in the heart of Dubuque. In 2021, she launched her ceramic business, “Artist Rach Ceramics,” and has devoted a majority of her creative efforts to making and selling functional home goods to local businesses and markets.

When she’s not in her studio, Rachel enjoys teaching adult pottery classes, with the hopes of opening her own classroom one day. To view an online portfolio of Rachel’s sculptural work or shop for some functional homegoods, visit or follow Rachel on social media for more recent updates on her creative endeavors!

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