Miles Turner

Artist Statement

The Court of the Fairy Queen. The central character is of course, The Fairy Queen. She is immaculate in her beauty and power. Her visage is so fierce that no mortal may lay eyes upon it and live. In one hand she cradles her beloved son and in the other she holds her annoying husband on a leash. Both husband and son have been victims of enchantment, doomed to live their lives as animals for the rest of her days. With neither husband, nor heir, her power is absolute. Her courtiers are gathered in adoration. There are advisers and secretaries to her right and fierce bodyguards standing at her left. All around her in the air other Fae zip and wiz around her, some providing services and others offering gifts to her and her guests. Whether she be Titania or Morgan, Elizabeth or Mab, Maleficent or Galadriel, the Queen of Fairy are archetypes that inspire fear, infatuation, and reverence all at once.

Artist Bio

Combining both abstract and literal imagery inspires my drawings. My work is a response to spontaneous mark making, the search for and creation of sketched images, enhanced by the addition of collage. The result is funny, unique and sometimes weird characters that invite the viewer to respond with their own stories.

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