Lily Nesta

Artist Statement

My name is Lily Alice Nesta. I am a sketch artist currently studying the art of oil paint. I am an art student at Clarke University with an emphasis in drawing and painting. The art I make is inspired by nature, existentialism, and the circle of life. There is beauty in everything. Communicating that through my art is my passion.

Artist Bio

Lily is a Dubuque based oil painter currently attending Clarke University studying painting. Her work has been exhibited in the recent DUMA Biennial and has shown work in multiple art venues in town including Esther’s Lounge, Planted, and The Fox Den Motel. Her work is delicately painted with a soft and inviting color palette but at times deals in more explosive subject matter.

Today, Lily continues to show cultivate ambition in her paintings. Her figurative work maintains a recognizable look, while introducing more figures, more detail, and with more bold statements. She is amongst the most refined young figurative artists in Dubuque. Showing her explorational side, she has recently begun to investigate the craft of plein air painting with Dubuque based arts non profit, Bluff Strokes.

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