Jon Little

Artist Bio

Jon Little is a Dubuque based painter with a history of successful group and solo art exhibitions in Dubuque and along rhe East coast. He received his BFA from East Carolina University in 2006 with a focus in sculpture. He has been an active member  in the visual and theatre arts communities in Dubuque and elsewhere.

His work is predominately based in the fantastical, greatly enjoying playing with mythological themes and emotional archetypes.

Jon has created an ambitious collection of works that seeking to combine various techniques from separate styles and mediums to communicate a connectivity of imagination, reality, and community. His work catches your eye with the fantastical and grounds you with the familiar.

Artist Statement

I often get asked, why do you create? It’s a very hard statement to parse down. On one hand, I create because I’ve always been pulled to do so. On the other, I create as an act of defiance against a world that I feel I don’t belong to. As early as I can remember. it was a compulsion. I had these images in my head that I didn’t have the ability to explain or communicate properly. I think this is a struggle all creators go through. We have difficulty connecting with the world as a whole. We feel out of place or strange because of how our brains are wired. So we seek to communicate in the best way we know how. We create. We reach deep down into the collective ether of our minds and try to find that one thread of resonance with the larger world. And build on top of that. Sometimes, we are successful in creating something that expresses the feelings and thoughts we can’t verbalize cohesively. More often though we create a nexus of thought and interpretation. Allowing the viewer an insight into both ourselves, and themselves. In many ways I want to create to not only give myself a voice, but hopefully give others one as well. I want to create things that resonate with people on a personal level. Be it good or bad. I want to inspire people to be true to their own voices and visions.

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