Jeremy Marquis

Artist Statement

The passion for art and painting started around the age of 18. It was in college that Jeremy realized painting was the main media he would focus on for his artistic expression. Since that time and throughout the years the painting always continued. No matter what job, place of residence or responsibilities, painting was always on the mind.

Artist Bio

Jeremy was born and raised around the Clinton area. A few years after graduating from the Camanche Community School district, he attended Iowa State University to study art and design. In 2003 Jeremy graduated from Iowa State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art; emphasis in Painting and Drawing.

“After college, I decided to change directions and move to the Pacific Northwest to train in the culinary arts. In Seattle, I worked my way around the city in various private clubs, bistros, and hotels. As a chef, I soaked in as much knowledge of fine dining establishment and culture I could through work experience.” In 2015, growing burnt out on the 60 plus hour work weeks it takes to work in high caliber cooking establishments, also growing tired of city life in general, Jeremy moved back to where he was born and raised. Still residing in the Clinton area, Jeremy is now married with four children to help look after. In the past few years any extra time has been spent focusing on the improvement and progression of his artwork.

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