Jacob Schoenhaar

Artist Statement

Hello everyone, I would first like to thank you all for checking out my art.  For that you’re dope! I will try not bore with a long drawn out origin story because I am not a X-men. A lot of my art is like a hyperactive squirrel got a hold of a paintbrush and started rifling through a radioactive art history book. I have always tried to set myself apart artistically.  I paint, spray or draw what I think is cool. I am heavily influenced by 90s skateboard culture, punk rock, cartoons, tattoos and of course graffiti. What do you get when you mix those genres I guess you call that Low Brow. Through out my life I have fought against racism, abuse of all forms. This brings us to why the show is called “Off the Rails”. One of my favorite pastimes since childhood is covering hate graffiti and it’s pretty much what makes me a superhero. Recently I was charged with Felony criminal mischief for painting over a swazika and incoherent hate ramblings. The first and only time I have had any sort of legal trouble. Personally I think this is laughable use of tax dollars. I can only hope this show gives you greater insight not only as to graffiti but also what it represents.

Artist Bio

Jacob Schoenhaar is a street artist and mural painter based out of Clinton, Iowa. He is most prominently known for his underground graffiti work where he finds bigoted language tagged in his community and covers it with more vibrant and family friendly content. Jacob began his art journey in his childhood when he was glued to his sketchbook. Over the years he has honed his craft and as of 2023, has begun to present his work in galleries, art contests, and public facing outdoor murals as well.

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