Erica Wilson

Erica Wilson


Erica Wilson is a painter and mixed media artist based in Iowa. She spent time studying painting in Iowa City before spending three months in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland expanding her practice through weekly intensive workshops. Since returning to Dubuque her focus has been on forging relationships with fellow creatives in the area, creating new work, and showing her work regularly in group shows as well as solo shows in the area. She volunteers at the Dubuque Area Arts Collective to fulfill her desire to contribute to her local art community.

Artist Statement

When I create, I’m using that process to heal myself by speaking my truth and allowing that truth to be witnessed. 

My techniques and materials vary depending upon the project or inspiration at the time. I try to make my decisions intuitively, focusing more on what the work will do for me than on what the final product will look like. I find myself playing at the intersection of how the mind lives in and around the body and how the body lives within the natural world sometimes and other times I’m just being a silly little guy making tiny sculptures of food because of the joy it brings me. My observations of what it means to be human center around my experience as a feminine-presenting person with a lot of trauma to work through, often with a light-hearted spin but sometimes in an unsettling and morbid way.

My hope is that by being honest myself, I can create a safe space to be witnessed and for my audience to feel seen if the work resonates with them.

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