Elizabeth Eagle

Artist Statement

The Lake House series is a personal narrative that explores the deconstruction of familiar photographs through collage and reconstruction of memory, time, and place. The artist uses photographs from family photo albums as both visual and thematic resource, focusing on a specific set of photos which reimagines two lake houseseen over two different time periods. This ongoing series has developed into familial and abstract self portraiture for the artist.

Artist Bio

Elizabeth Eagle is a professional artist and art educator living in Dubuuqe, IA. She recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2006. For the past twelve years, she has taught in the Visual Arts Department at Dubuque Senior High School. Elizabeth continues to develop an ongoing series of paintings titled Lake House, which developed throughout her graduate studies at the School of Visual Art, Pennsylvania State University, where she recieved a master of Professional Studies in Art Education in 2017.

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