Dayton Weldin

Artist Statement

I’m someone who believes everyone has stuff in their lives they wish they could lock up in a room and never acknowledge it again. I’m someone who’s been through multiple types of therapy and experimented with medication in order to feel better about myself and my life and past traumas ect… while I’m not going to knock therapy or being prescribed medication I do feel at least for me art has always been the best form of keeping myself on the mentally straight and narrow. I’m the type who would much rather buy art supplies over paying someone to talk to me. That doesn’t always feel great and in my experiences can even leave you feeling worse. But knowing I did process things I didn’t want to and getting a cool piece of art out of it at the same time absolutely does feel great.  That’s the purpose this door serves for me. I believe art can be a therapeutic tool for any who is willing to give it a shot and can turn negative thoughts into gratification.

Artist Bio

Dayton Weldin is an abstract expressionist native to Dubuque, Iowa who uses his creative work as a tool for introspection and self discovery. Dayton has recently shared his first public collection of work in July of 2023 with the Dubuque Area Arts Collective in our second floor gallery. As an artist new the Dubuque scene, Dayton works with eagerness and excitement. His creative motivation speaks for itself and he has a long road of opportunities ahead of him.

Today, while Dayton moves forward in the creative path of his paintings, he also shares interest in commercial art, branding design, and mural painting opportunities.

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