David Barba

Artist Statement

Art to me is about exploring new and exciting ways to tell stories. Sometimes that means your town is mad at you for putting on an Artificial Intelligence themed art show, sometimes that means people have an emotional response after seeing your mural of Kobe Bryant. Thanks for checking out my work. If you love it, then follow along and join our channels, if you hate it… well then follow along and join our channels!

My art is about being comfortable with yourself and having fun. Enjoy!

Artist Bio

David Barba is an artist and portrait painter from Prior Lake, Minnesota. He is currently based out of Dubuque, Iowa where he has built his art career. As an art student at Clarke University, he was offered an opportunity to be a live painter at the 2019 Dubuque Museum of Art, Art Auction. It was there he was offered his first mural painting job and since then he has painted almost a dozen murals in Dubuque, Platteville, East Dubuque, and Lancaster, Wisconsin.

Today he continues to grow his painting business and experiment with other forms of art making opportunities such as animation, illustration, and video production. He is always looking for the next thing to fill his mind with ideas. Whether it’s through his paintings, his comics, or his twitch livestream, he is always looking to make people smile through his stories.

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